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Post  Dusk on Sat Jul 23, 2011 4:04 pm

Species: Wolf (Grey Wolf) Nickname:Dusky(Is only called that by her brothers) [b]Pelt: Russet Markings: White Paws and tail tip. white Under belly
Gender: Female

Eye color: Dark Green

Personality: Dusk is very Loyal and would fight to the death for family and friends.
She Can be very Hyper and Friendly but will sometimes want to be shut out from the world and will attack anything that is near. Dusk also has problems with showing sadness and empathy.
History: Dusk was born with a loner as a mother and four brothers that were all bigger then her. Her brothers often picked on her when she was younger for crying and asking questions like "why do we have to kill the elk?". She did learn to fight and stand up for herself but suffers with a bad self esteem. As soon as she could her mother left her and Dusk and her brothers parted ways. Dusk hasnt seen her family since.
Strength(s): Fighting,Hunting,Running,Swimming,Leading [b]Weakness: Mothering, Nurseing, Following Orders.

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