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Species: Jet Black Wolf
Name: Midnight
Nickname: Mid/Night/Moody (for fun)
Age: Adult
Pelt: Black
Markings: a Hint of Red
Gender: Female
Eye color: Black & White
Personality: Mysterious, gloomy, lonely, motherly. Hasn't been the same since her mate was attacked by wolf in forest and died. Has tried to keep their pup safe by keeping him near-by. Only one of the three pups survived the attack, Relune (female) and Moonlight (Female) Both died, Darkness (Male)survived.
History: I thnk I just told you most of it! Oops...
Strength(s): Mothering, hunting, navagating.
Weakness(es): nursing, sotialising, smiling.
Other: Never wants to be round others, except her pup.
Midnight, By Dark-Wolf Midnig16
Midnight's Pup

Species: Jet Black Wolf
Name: Darkness
Nickname: Darky, Dark, or even Dark-hunter!!
Age: Pup
Pelt: Black
Markings: Has Light fur around eyes, like father.
Gender: Male
Eye color: Black
Personality: Jumpy, playfull, early hunter, strong for age. Loves hunting, but is sad that is supposed to be an omega.
History: Doesn't really remember, mother say has two sisters, but both died when father did.
Strength(s): Hunting, is strong for age, has good balance and aim.
Other: Staying still.
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